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Social Inclusion and Empowerment
Civic Leadership Governance and Social Accountability
Social Determinants of Disaster Risk Reduction
Social Inclusion and Empowerment « Programmes
The overall focus of the women’s empowerment component of the programme is to engage with women collectives to develop a critical understanding on the rights and to build their leadership. In Western Rajasthan, the exemplary efforts of women leaders were documented. This case documentation was used in the mobilisation of the women on land issues. To facilitate grass root level learning on women’s empowerment, a set of four popular books have been conceived on the History of Women’s Movements. It includes (i) Women’s Movement from Vedic Age to the Bhakti Movement (ii) Feminist Movement around the World (iii) Women’s Movements during the Indian Freedom Struggle (iv) Contemporary Women’s Movement and Challenges Ahead. The first three volumes have been published in Hindi and Gujarati. It is written in collaboration with Sahiyar (Stree Sangathana), Vadodara. These books are written in a story/ drama form so that it can also be read out in meetings and training programmes.

A training resource pack on Gender Awareness and Sensitivity Applications has been published in English in the form of a manual. This manual has been developed based on our past years of training with partners.
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